get ready

Device & App
Preparation Guide

Prepare your stylus, device & app before purchase.

Here’s what I use:

iPad Pro 12.9" (3rd Generation)
Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

I use my Weekly (BujoBoba) + Daily (BujoBanana) planner & all of my notebands in Goodnotes 5 on a daily basis. I have the other apps on my iPad, but only for testing purposes.

โ€” Brooke

Popular Apps that Support Brookebot Planner & Notebook Links

Top 3 iOS

  • GoodNotes 5
  • Noteshelf
  • Flexcil
iOS: GoodNotes 5
iOS: Noteshelf
iOS: Flexcil
Free / $8.99

More iOS

  • Notes Writer Pro
  • Notes Writer
  • ZoomNotes
  • PDF Expert
  • Xodo
iOS: Notes Writer Pro
iOS: Notes Writer
Free (w/ ads)
iOS: ZoomNotes
iOS: PDF Expert


  • Xodo
Android: Xodo

Known TroubleMakers

The Naughty List: Avoid these bad things.

  • Outdated iOS software (iOS 9, 10, 11)
  • Outdated versions of GoodNotes (any v4)
  • Will not open in Microsoft OneNote
  • Cannot edit in Mac Preview
  • Links do not work in Notability
iOS 9
iOS 10
iOS 11
Microsoft OneNote
Preview (Mac)

All purchased documents are password protected. You need a password for Microsoft OneNote & Preview on Mac. I do not share passwords.

In Notability, all links in current digital planners and notebooks are non-functional. You can write, but you cannot tap. The issue has been reported, but no fix.

Known Apple OS / App Bugsย 

There are currently no known bugs. Please make sure your device and apps are updated.

Most app updates bring exciting new features & improvements. Though occasionally โ€” as with all things digital โ€” an update will contain a temporary bug. I have zero control over any app’s functionality, but I will certainly help report bugs to developers and push for a timely fix.

choices, choices

Pick Your Planner

After your device & app are ready, it’s decision time!

Step One:
Choose Planner Type

Decide what pages you want/need & balance you desires with your budget.

Brookebot Digital Planner Weekly + Daily
Weekly + Daily
Digi Planner:
Dated Jan โ€“ Dec 2020
$57 โ€“ $67
Brookebot Digital Planner Weekly / Daily
Digi Planner:
Dated Jan โ€“ Dec 2020
$37 โ€“ $47
Brookebot Digital Planner Weekly / Daily
Digi Planner:
Dated Jan โ€“ Dec 2020

Whatcha need?

Choose from 3 types of planners:

1. Weekly + Daily pages

2. Weekly pages only

3. Daily pages only

All planner types have monthly calendars, storage sections, and bookmark dividers.

Step Two:
Choose Page Layout

Choose from a total of 6 weekly layouts & 4 daily layouts. Download the Sample Catalog to inspect up-close & text.


layout designs

Weekly Layout Design Option:

Weekly Layout Design Option:

Weekly Layout Design Option:

Weekly Layout Design Option:

Weekly Layout Design Option:
Panda (06 โ€“ 23)

Weekly Layout Design Option:
PeachyKeen (6AM โ€“ IIPM)


Layout Designs

Daily Layout Design Option:

Daily Layout Design Option:

Daily Layout Design Option:
Cactus (6AM โ€“ IIPM)

Daily Layout Design Option:
Cupcake (06 โ€“ 23)

Step Three:
Customize Spreads

Choose from popular spread options to meet your needs.

choose your year at a glance &
monthly calendar day sequence
M โ€“ Sย  orย  S โ€“ S

choose your weekly spread day sequence:
Mondayย โ€“ย Sundayย  orย  Sundayย โ€“ย Saturday

try 'em out

Sample Catalog

Test the sample catalog in your preferred note-taking app.

The Sample Catalog for dated planners is essentially a Look Book with no dated links โ€” just a sneak peek of each monthly, weekly & daily layout. It’s totally free! Import it into your preferred app, zoom in & out,ย write on it, and make sure the light & delicate designs will suit your needs.

okay, ready

Visit the Shop

Feelin’ fully prepared & ready for action โ€” let’s shop!

consistent & fair

price guarantee

No worries of missing out on coupons of discounts.

Looking for discounts and/or coupons? Relax! There are none. Here at Brookebot Digital Planners and Stickers, I do things differently. I keep my goods at aย consistent & fair price for everyone โ€”ย year-round. Rest assured that I willย never jack up prices just to offer salesย and I willย not offer coupons just to get people excited.

(Hybrid planners with both Sundayโ€“Saturday &ย Mondayโ€“Sunday
are priced higher because they require more work.)

Planner TypeYear at a Glance & Monthly CalendarsWeekly SpreadPrice
DailyMonday โ€“ SundayNA$32
DailySunday โ€“ SaturdayNA$32
WeeklyMonday โ€“ SundayMonday โ€“ Sunday$37
WeeklySunday โ€“ SaturdaySunday โ€“ Saturday$37
WeeklySunday โ€“ SaturdayMonday โ€“ Sunday$47
Weekly + DailyMonday โ€“ SundayMonday โ€“ Sunday$57
Weekly + DailySunday โ€“ SaturdaySunday โ€“ Saturday$57
Weekly + DailySunday โ€“ SaturdayMonday โ€“ Sunday$67

Nope, still no discounts โ€” not even on partially outdated planners.ย I offer 2 options that cover 12-month spans of time:ย January โ€“ Decemberย &ย July โ€“ June.ย You can choose the one that best suits your life or has the least amount of lapsed time.ย I release a new set of planners every 6 months.ย If you are concerned about having a partially outdated planner, look for new releases aroundย October 1st forย January โ€“ December plannersย &ย Aprilย 1st forย July โ€“ Juneย planners.

You could make an early purchase & kinda DIY until you start using the dated pages. Duplicate the extra undated daily*, undated weekly*, and undated monthly pages as many times as needed. Date the duplicated pages yourself & swipe through themย (instead of tapping) as no dates would be linked.

*undated dailyย page available in Daily or Weekly + Daily
*undated weeklyย page available in Weekly or Weekly + Daily

All sales final.

No refunds. No exchanges. No exceptions.

โœ”ย  I am sure the details of all items in my cart are correct; I am not accidentally purchasing the wrong item.โ€‹

โœ”ย  I have read the updated list (available in the support library) of known issues with specific software and apps.โ€‹

โœ”ย  I understand that Brooke has zero control over app functionality and/or app bugs that may pop up over time, but she will certainly help report bugs to developers and push for a timely fix.

get help

Order Support

(After Purchase)

If you are having trouble with your order, you’re in the right place.

Order Support Form

You should get a reply from me within 48 hours after submitting this form. If it takes longer than that, something weird happened to the email. Don’t wait โ€” try to contact me again after 48 hoursย via: email, text, social media, telepathy, etc. I’ll be right here when you need me. As a paying customer, you are my number one priority.

  • Brooke

Side Note: If I am ever knowingly unable to respond within 48 hours, I’ll tell you exactly what’s happening to cause the delay. Be it sickness, a family emergency, or the elusive vaca โ€” you’ll hear about it right here:

No delays.
Business as usual โ€” just cookin’ up some more goodies for y’all.

ask for it

Special Request

You really want it, but I don’t have it … yet … maybe … we’ll see.

I aim to please. If I don’t have it available in the shop, feel free to ask for it. I can’t make any promises, but your requests certainly do guide my designs.

  • Brooke

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