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Device & App
Preparation Guide

Prepare your stylus, device & app before purchase.

iPad Pro 12.9"
(3rd Generation)
Apple Pencil
(2nd Generation)

I use my Weekly BujoBoba + Daily BujoBanana planner & all of my Notebands in GoodNotes 5 on a daily basis. I have the other apps on my iPad, but only for testing purposes.

🖤 Brooke

link support

popular apps

Here’s a current list of apps that support link function in Brookebot Planners & Notebands.

top 3


  • GoodNotes 5
  • Noteshelf
  • Flexcil
iOS app:
GoodNotes 5
iOS app:
iOS app:
Free / $8.99



  • Notes Writer Pro
  • Notes Writer
  • ZoomNotes
  • ZoomNotes Lite
  • PDF Expert
  • Xodo



  • Xodo
iOS app:
Notes Writer Pro
iOS app:
Notes Writer
free (w/ ads)
iOS app:
iOS app:
ZoomNotes Lite
iOS app:
PDF Expert
iOS app:
Android app:



The Naughty List: Avoid these bad things.

  • Outdated iOS software (iOS 9, 10, 11)
  • Outdated versions of GoodNotes (any v4)
  • Will not open in Microsoft OneNote
  • Cannot edit in Mac Preview
  • Links do not work in Notability
iOS 9
iOS 10
iOS 11
Preview (Mac)
Microsoft OneNote

All purchased documents are password protected. You need a password for Microsoft OneNote & Preview on Mac. I do not share passwords.

In Notability, all links in current digital planners and notebooks are non-functional. You can write, but you cannot tap. The issue has been reported, but no fix offered. Older, retired notebook links do still work, so I kept them available in the shop for Notability users.

device & app

known bugs

Most app updates bring exciting improvements. Occasionally — as with all things digital — an update will contain a temporary bug. I have zero control over any app’s functionality, but I will certainly help report bugs to developers and push for a timely fix.
— Brooke

There are currently no known bugs. Please make sure your operating system & all apps are all updated.

choices, choices

Pick Your Planner

After your device & app are ready, it’s decision time!

Step One:
Choose Planner Type

Decide what pages you want/need & balance your desires with your budget. All planner types have monthly calendars, storage sections, and bookmark dividers.

Brookebot Digital Planner Weekly + Daily
Weekly + Daily Pages
$57 – $67
Brookebot Digital Planner Weekly / Daily
Weekly Pages
$37 – $47
Daily Pages

Step Two:
Choose Page Layout

Choose from a total of 6 weekly layouts & 4 daily layouts. Download the Sample Catalog to test suitability & inspect layout quality.





Step Three:
Customize Spreads

Choose from popular spread options to meet your needs.

choose your year at a glance &
monthly calendar day sequence
MS  or  SS

choose your weekly spread day sequence:
Monday – Sunday  or  Sunday – Saturday

give it a try

Free Samples

Test the sample catalog in your preferred note-taking app.

The dated planner Sample Catalog is a look book with no dated links — just a sneak peek of each monthly, weekly & daily layout. It’s totally free! Import it into your preferred app, zoom in & out, write on it, and make sure the light & delicate designs will suit your needs.

okay, ready!

Visit the Shop

feelin’ fully prepared & ready for action — let’s shop!

consistent & fair

price guarantee

no worries of missing out on coupons or discounts

Looking for discounts and/or coupons? Relax! There are none. Here at Brookebot Digital Planners and Stickers, I do things differently. I keep my goods at a consistent & fair price for everyone — year-round. Rest assured that I will never jack up prices just to offer sales and I will not offer coupons just to get people excited.

(Hybrid planners with both SundaySaturdayMondaySunday
are priced higher because they require more work.)

Planner TypeYear at a Glance & Monthly CalendarsWeekly SpreadPrice
DailyMonday – SundayNA$32
DailySunday – SaturdayNA$32
WeeklyMonday – SundayMonday – Sunday$37
WeeklySunday – SaturdaySunday – Saturday$37
WeeklySunday – SaturdayMonday – Sunday$47
Weekly + DailyMonday – SundayMonday – Sunday$57
Weekly + DailySunday – SaturdaySunday – Saturday$57
Weekly + DailySunday – SaturdayMonday – Sunday$67

Nope, still no discounts — not even on partially outdated planners. I offer 2 options that cover 12-month spans of time: JanuaryDecember & JulyJune. You can choose the one that best suits your life or has the least amount of lapsed time. I release a new set of planners every 6 months. If you are concerned about having a partially outdated planner, look for new releases around October 1st for JanuaryDecember planners & April 1st for JulyJune planners.

You could make an early purchase & kinda DIY until you start using the dated pages. Duplicate the extra undated daily*, undated weekly*, and undated monthly pages as many times as needed. Date the duplicated pages yourself & swipe through them (instead of tapping) as no dates would be linked.

*undated daily page available in Daily or Weekly + Daily
*undated weekly page available in Weekly or Weekly + Daily

The terms & conditions you will be asked to accept at checkout are as follows:

All sales final.

No refunds. No exchanges. No exceptions.

  I am sure the details of all items in my cart are correct; I am not accidentally purchasing the wrong item.​

  I have read the updated list (available in the support library) of known issues with specific software and apps.​

  I understand that Brooke has zero control over app functionality and/or app bugs that may pop up over time, but she will certainly help report bugs to developers and push for a timely fix.

get help

Order Support

(After Purchase)

If you are a paying customer & are having trouble with your purchase, you’re in the right place.

customer service
Support Form

If it takes me longer than 48 hours to reply to your request for help, then something weird happened to the email. Don’t wait — try to contact me again via: email, text, social media, telepathy, etc. I’ll be right here when you need me. As a paying customer, you are my number one priority.

  • Brooke

Side Note: If sickness, a family emergency, or the elusive camping trip causes a delay in my response, this is where I’ll keep you posted.

no delays
Business as usual — just cookin’ up some more goodies for y’all.

ask for it

Special Request

You really want it, but I don’t have it … yet … maybe … we’ll see.

I aim to please. If I don’t have it available in the shop, feel free to ask for it. I can’t make any promises, but your requests most certainly guide my designs.

  • Brooke

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