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RETIRED: Digi Paper Inserts (Ombre Cotton Candy) 5-Pack Grid Variety



digi papers

5-Pack Inserts

Grid variety pack — papers with different ruling types.

  • Blank (No Ruling)
  • № 2 Dot Grid @ 1.0 Gap
  • № 1 Quad-Dot Grid @ 1.0 Gap
  • № 3 Dot Grid @ 1.5 Gap
  • № 1 Solid Grid @ 1.5 Gap

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add-on inserts

Digi Paper Packs

Digi paper insert packs are meant to be used as stand-alone products.

  • You must merge add-on inserts & notebook before use — before ink.
  • Keep seamless navigation intact with effective merge apps.
  • Use a clean (unaltered) copy of each notebook.
  • Use a clean (unaltered) copy of each digi paper pack.

maintain navigation

Merge Files

Use an merge app to keep navigation intact.

(detailed instructions in Sample Catalog: Notebooks & Inserts)

Capable iOS Merge Apps

  • iLovePDF
  • Goodreader
  • PDF Expert
iOS: iLovePDF
iOS: Goodreader
iOS: PDF Expert
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quick access

Navigation Bar

page has a built-in navigation bar with links to key pages.

  • Link to Divider Index to List Content Behind Dividers
  • Link to Pocket Index to List Content Behind Pockets
  • Links to Divider Pages that Separate Subjects
  • Links to Front & Back Covers

(images exaggerated for demonstration purposes)

sample catalog

Free Look Book

Download the free Notebooks & Inserts (Portrait).

Know exactly what to expect. Choose add-on inserts with confidence.

  • Samples of Navigation Bar — Options for Inserts
  • Overview of Standardized Ruling
  • Labeled Dot, Line & Gap Sizes (Spacing)
  • Overview of Merge Process
  • Detailed Tutorials for Merging Multiple Documents
  • Download & Import Tips for After Your Purchase

enjoy all of 'em

Value Pack

Own the of digi paper packs — 2, 4, 6 & 8-Dot.

  • Get all 4 insert packs for the price of 2 individually — get 2 packs free!
  • Match paper packs to each of your 2, 4, 6 & 8-Subject Digi Notebooks.
  • 50% off Individual Pricing = $8 Savings

consistent & fair


of missing out on coupons or discounts.

Looking for discounts and/or coupons? Relax! There are none. Here at Brookebot Digital Planners and Stickers, I do things differently. I keep my goods at a consistent & fair price for everyone — year-round. Rest assured that I will never jack up prices just to offer sales and I will not offer coupons just to get people excited.

Navigation Bar Type Links to Dividers Total Number of Pages Price
2-Dot 2 5 $4
4-Dot 4 5 $4
6-Dot 6 5 $4
8-Dot 8 5 $4
Value Pack 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 20 $8

All sales final.

No refunds. No exchanges. No exceptions.

  I am sure the details of all items in my cart are correct; I am not accidentally purchasing the wrong item.​

  I have read the updated list (available in the support library) of known issues with specific software and apps.​

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