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Daily (Bujonichi) Digi Planner



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customization options

Make it Yours

Choose from popular spread options to meet needs.

12-Month Span Covered:

12-Month Span Covered:

Year at a Glance & Monthly Calendars:

Year at a Glance & Monthly Calendars:

Hourly time notation options available only for planners with hourly layout.

Hourly Time Notation:

Hourly Time Notation:

move 'em around

Reorder Pages

Organize all pages the way feel works best — navigation won't break.

(shuffling tested in Goodnotes, Noteshelf 2 & Notability)

Brookebot Digital Planner Includes:

Brookebot Digital Planners Include:

save time

Links Galore

Tapping links gets you there than swiping.

Extra Tappable Links to Key Pages
Tappable Links to Daily Pages
Tappable Navigation Bar Links

across 8 DIVIDERS

on INDEX page



across 365 DAILY pages

rolling dates

Tiny Calendars

Small but . Good things come in small packages.

in each tiny calendar on the
Year at a Glance page.

  • Relevant month displayed in bold
  • Always shows the last day of the previous month (slightly faded)
  • Always shows the first week of the following month (slightly faded)

in the tiny calendar on each
Full-Page Monthly Calendar page.

  • Located in top-left corner of the 12 monthly pages
  • Shows 2 weeks before relevant month (slightly faded)
  • Shows 3 weeks after relevant month (slightly faded)

quick access

Navigation Bar

page has a built-in navigation bar with 24 links to key pages.

  • Link to Index Page for Labeling Content Behind Dividers
  • Link to Year at a Glance Page
  • 12 Links to Full-Page Monthly Calendars
  • 8 Links to Divider Pages for Extra Storage
  • Links to Front & Back Covers — Extra Digi Papers in Back for Easy Duplication

clone unlimitedly

duplicate pages

Duplicate any of the unlimitedly — navigation won't break.

(cloning tested in Goodnotes, Noteshelf 2 & Notability)

The lines & dots in the extra digi papers are very light and delicate. Images above may not accurately display the lines, but rest assured they are very consistent in the actual planner.

  • Dot Grid (Light)
  • Dot Grid (Medium)
  • Quad-Dot Grid
  • Grid (Light)
  • Grid (Medium)
  • Wide Lined
  • Blank
  • Split Style: Wide Lined
  • Split Style: Wide Grid
  • Split Style: Wide Dot Lined
  • Split Style: Quad-Dot Grid

Split Style:
2 per page
(divided down the middle)

Download the free Sample Catalog: Dated Planners (Landscape) to see how the lines will appear on your device & in your app.

consistent & fair


of missing out on coupons or discounts.

Looking for discounts and/or coupons? Relax! There are none. Here at Brookebot Digital Planners and Stickers, I do things differently. I keep my goods at a consistent & fair price for everyone — year-round. Rest assured that I will never jack up prices just to offer sales and I will not offer coupons just to get people excited.

Nope, still no discounts — not even on partially outdated planners. I offer 2 options that cover 12-month spans of time: JanuaryDecember & JulyJune. You can choose the one that best suits your life or has the least amount of lapsed time. I release a new set of planners every 6 months. If you are concerned about having a partially outdated planner, look for new releases around October 1st for JanuaryDecember planners & April 1st for JulyJune planners.

You could make an early purchase & kinda DIY until you start using the dated pages. Duplicate the extra undated daily*, undated weekly*, and undated monthly pages as many times as needed. Date the duplicated pages yourself & swipe through them (instead of tapping) as no dates would be linked.

*undated daily page available in Daily or Weekly + Daily
*undated weekly page available in Weekly or Weekly + Daily

bang for your buck

Pricing List

your wants & needs with your budget.

(Hybrid planners with both Sunday – SaturdayMonday – Sunday
are priced higher because they require more work.)

Planner TypeYear at a Glance & Monthly CalendarsWeekly SpreadPrice
DailyMonday – SundayNA$32
DailySunday – SaturdayNA$32
WeeklyMonday – SundayMonday – Sunday$37
WeeklySunday – SaturdaySunday – Saturday$37
WeeklySunday – SaturdayMonday – Sunday$47
Weekly + DailyMonday – SundayMonday – Sunday$57
Weekly + DailySunday – SaturdaySunday – Saturday$57
Weekly + DailySunday – SaturdayMonday – Sunday$67