Goodnotes Warning (w/ Updates)


April 16th – Goodnotes Update Version 4.12.13

Do not update to Version 4.12.13!
Stay with 4.12.12!


There is currently a bug in Goodnotes which prevents some hyperlinks from being used. Please stay tuned for an update. DO NOT delete and reinstall your Goodnotes app; if you do, you will lose everything unless you have your iPad backed up. Just wait patiently for a fix and use your fingers to swipe between pages in the meantime.

I have reported the issue and will let you know when I hear back from the Goodnotes support team. If you would like to participate in making the update fix happen faster, we can all try to contact the Goodnotes support team. Provide the Goodnotes team with detailed information about your device & app version, and let them know that some of your hyperlink functionality is missing. We all had smoothly operating hyperlinks before the app update & all planner hyperlinks work perfectly fine an any other app that supports hyperlinks (even including storage apps like Dropbox & Box). Until further notice, I will be obsessively refreshing the app store waiting for an update. Goodnotes support team email address:


April 21st – Email Contact Made by Goodnotes

Gabriel from the Goodnotes support team has emailed me back requesting samples. Samples supplied. Waiting on response from Gabriel.

April 24th – Another Email from Goodnotes

Gabriel seems to think the problem lies within the latest version of PSPDFkit, an SDK that Goodnotes uses. The developer of PSPDFkit offers a free PDF app called PDF Viewer which uses their own PSPDFkit SDK and uses the same (latest) PSPDFkit version that Goodnotes is currently using – v7.5.0. I can open the “problem” files in PDF Viewer and all the hyperlinks work perfectly. Yet, I open the files in Goodnotes & most of the hyperlinks are broken. If you’d like to see for yourself, you can download the PDF Viewer for free (See PDF Viewer). I still believe there is an incompatibility on the Goodnotes end of things & not within the PSPDFkit, but we shall see. Still waiting for an update to fix the hyperlink problem.

April 25th – Newest Release of PSPDFkit

(READ MORE: PSPDFkit Update)

April 27th – PDF Viewer Update

PDF Viewer

PDF Viewer had an update in the App Store today. If you are curious about changes that might happen with Goodnotes, I suggest you download this free app. You can keep it on your iPad to see when it updates, even if you don’t ever use it. Since both Goodnotes 4 & PDF Viewer use PSPDFkit, it will give you a heads up that Goodnotes should also be coming out with an update. So, now the latest version of PSPDFKit is v7.5.1. I am curious to see what Goodnotes is going to do, but haven’t heard anything back from Gabriel in several days. Still waiting.



Side Note: Today I learned that Dropbox and Box also use PSPDFKit. All hyperlinks in all of my planner files work beautifully in Dropbox and Box. No problem there.


May 1st – Reports from Others

Several users have contacted Goodnotes and reported back to me that the Goodnotes team claims to be “investigating” the problem. That was the common language used. However, it’s been 2 weeks since Goodnotes stopped working.

If more of us take the time to reach out, I believe the fix will happen faster. I would like to again encourage you to contact the Goodnotes support team: